MuseScore 4

I just watched this video about the development, design and thought process behind the new version of MuseScore 4. I know nothing about music composition, nor can I read sheet music or notes, but it is well worth watching.

The insights that Tantacrul highlights here are fascinating. Not only the attention to detail, but also the general challenges and upsides of open source development and working with an old codebase are extremly informative. It really shows how much thought goes into seemingly ‘simple’ things, and why it’s often not as easy as you think. Well done!

Another thing I really like is the way they celebrate and document what they have done and achieved. Imagine coming back in 10 years and rewatch this.
We often fail to celebrate our successes and achievements. And I think this is a great way to do that and also let other people learn from it.

Although I have never touched MuseScore, I have worked with Audacity and look forward to seeing it given the same treatment in the future.