Delightful Interactions


DeepL Translation:

Me: LinkedIn says I should congratulate you. So, in good old tradition, I nod silently but meaningfully in your direction, Mr Bathen.
I hope you are well and taking it easy. Cheers!

Dirk: 👍
I nod back in a telling way and tip my hat. A small “likewise” writes itself in the wind.

I am grateful for every message that has reached me in the last few days, but this one somehow stood out.

I have the same birthday as Dirk, so by definition it is a little different from all the other messages. But in an age where pre-written snippets of text are the norm and more and more messages are generated by chatgpt, our little back and forth always feels like a breath of fresh air and something chatgpt is (currently) not able to do.

A little delightful human shenanigans in text form.