I'm Matthias Vogt.
Studied computer science in Hamburg.
Got my Master degree in early 2010.
Founded a company in 2010 and left 2012.
Beeing a freelance developer since then.

Want to say hello? Write an mail to mail@vogt.io


Raumschiff Erde

attendee (2010) speaker (2011), organizer (2013, 15 & 16)

"Raum Schiff Erde" (Space Ship Earth) is a congress for digital philosophy, experience design and internet culture. Someone once called it a interlectual jam session.

Basically, we search for 8-10 people we want to see on stage. Consequently we rent a stage (in a theater, a jazz or music club), we put them onto it and let them talk, sing, read, perform or whatever they wanna do. We also invite 100 - 120 other people to this afternoon and hope we get inspired, disrupted, disturbed, woken up, motivated, frighted, hope to learn something new and in general try to have a good time. For good measure we also spread a LOT of small little details and easter eggs all over the day. Some hidden some obvious. Just for us as crew and organizer and everybody that is attentive. Because we can and it's fun.